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Petlins Easy Order

Know what you want and don't need to hassle with shopping carts, accounts, logins, passwords? 

Petlins now offer a quick, fuss free way to place your order and pay for it through Paypal or bank deposit  
Soooo easy.
Work out what you want by looking at our pricelist from the ? at the top of this page, Petlins online store or phoning us
Add it up, include $9.95 if under $150
Use the form at the bottom of this page, list the items in the message box
No need for $ values in the message box
Include your delivery address and a phone number
Make a payment through Paypal to for your calculated value
Use the first 4 letters of your surname and postcode as any reference

Easy Order Form

List the item/items you wish to purchase. Add up your total (include $9.95 if under $150) and make payment through Paypal to
Ensure you include your delivery address
No need to send us Paypal confirmation messages...
Use the first 4 letters of your surname and postcode if a reference is asked for anywhere!
Payment may also be made to
Petlins Westpac BSB 032069 Acc 730665