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Welcome to Petlins 'How to Order' page ...
Our website contains many pages, accessed by clicking on buttons from our main homepage. These include....
Have a quick question? I will not be able to check a price or take an order as I will be 'out and about, with no pen or paper'... but happy to talk ...  0491016642 "Reasonable hours" only please.
Petlins Online Shopping Experience
Our new online shop, where you can browse our stock lines and read information about products. If you wish, you can then add items to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Payment is fast and easy using Paypal as the gateway. You do not need a PayPal account... simply choose to pay with a credit card as you go through checkout.. look for a  "continue"  or "pay with a card" button near the card symbols. Postage a flat $9.95 ($0.00 for most items over $150)

All online payment processing is conducted securely by Paypal ... Petlins have no access to your credit card details and no card details are ever stored on any server,  computer, software, program. file or device owned by Petlins...

Please note... once you click to pay for an order please DO NOT go back and amend it. We receive a copy of the order as at this point in time and this is what we send. We do not receive any advice your order has changed!

You will normally receive a confirmation email showing your order. Please check it for correctness.

Alternatively you can send us an email stating how you wish to pay. You also have the option of posting a copy to us. This option does take a little longer to receive your order than done purely online through the cart.  Postage and handling a flat $12.00 for any value order (excluding floor looms).

Petlins Online Pricelist
Have a look at our online pricelist. This gives you the price of just about everything we carry, but if you are after something in particular and you do not see it, check our online store. If you find items on the list you wish to buy and prefer not to use our cart, send us an email listing what you are after and in the meantime, check our 'how to pay' page to give you the payment options available. This method does take a little longer to receive your items than using our cart and postage and handling a flat $12.00 for any value order (excluding floor looms).
Give us a call at the shop on a Thursday or Saturday between 10 and 4, place your order. You will not be able to pay over the phone using a card ... you will need to pay by Paypal, send us a money order or cheque or direct deposit ... 02 9736 1501 ...  Order not despatched until payment is confirmed in our account...
Order and payment processing, postage and handling a flat 
$12.00 for any value order (excluding floor looms).
Download the Order Form from our Downloads section of our website, or click here.
This usually puts the file in your browser downloads folder and this will differ according to your own personal setup on your computer. Having difficulties? Email us and we can attach a copy to your reply.
Fill it in and post it off to us....
Orders for low cost items. We are frequently asked "I only want a new drive band. It will fit in a normal envelope, why do I need to pay $9.95 for delivery?
Points to remember: Australia Post charge on the size (thickness) of the package. A new tension spring may only be around $2.50 but it is too thick to post as a standard letter, but may go as a large letter. So we see it is not the value of the item you order but the size. Talk to the staff at your local post office in deciding which pre-paid envelope you should purchase..
To order, send us a written order, include the self addressed pre-paid envelope (for return of your item) and payment in stamps to the next higher dollar value for the item/s in your order. You will not receive a complimentary copy of the Ashford Wheel Magazine. Your item will not be tracked so if it does not show up, please contact Australia Post. Should you order items larger than will fit in your supplied pre-paid self addressed envelope, they will be posted and you will most likely incur additional charges by Australia Post before they will deliver your item to you.

No order will be despatched until payment has been verified as received into our account in full.

Please Note... If you order the wrong item, Petlins are under NO obligation to bear the cost to rectify the issue. You will be charged the original postage cost (actual or Petlins standard delivery cost, whichever is greater). You will need to pay the return postage should you decide to return the item, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee even if returned in absolute original condition, and a greater fee (up to 50%) if any returned part, packaging or contents are missing or damaged in any way and we cannot sell the item for the original price. 

Wish to return something ... you will need to check this page out FIRST ...

ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY ... Please ensure you supply your name and correct delivery address - we will not use "one we have on record"... we post to the address shown as the 'shipping address' on the current cart order page.  We do not use your Paypal delivery address

Note: Petlins have NO control over how your order is handled once we deliver it to a Post Office. Some customers may receive their parcel at their door, some may receive a card to collect a parcel at a Post Office near them... some receive deliveries on Saturdays... some Post Offices are open on Saturdays....some parcels may have to be signed for and cannot be "left at the back door". Please enquire at your local Post Office if you have a delivery question.

No correspondence will be entered into for orders or deliveries, returns, refunds or otherwise, after 45 (forty five) days from the original date of order. Dealings under warranty are excluded from this time limit

Please allow 21 days for your order to arrive before calling or emailing to ask "where is my order?". If your order will be longer than that, we will contact you to arrange alternatives ... After a present on a deadline? ... order early! There are NO miracles ...

Placing an order with Petlins, by any means, indicates the buyer's acceptance of the Charges, Terms and Conditions shown on this page and this page
Linda and I appreciate your custom and look forward to serving you soon.... Peter

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